Before presenting some of the lovely testimonials for my workshops, I would like to point out that


Coincidence? I'll let you decide.

It was a great trip, which included a wonderful, informative workshop and some fantastic Spanish cuisine.
— David Lebovitz, internationally acclaimed cookery writer, Paris
Tim’s workshop was one of the best creative experiences I’ve ever had.
— Diane Tapscott, San Francisco, USA

"Tim helped me remember that I love photography and that I love being a photographer ... "   – Bill Denman Bennet, Charleston, SC, USA

Being taught by Tim Clinch felt like a rare treat. He was not only extremely informative and helpful in progressing all our camera skills, whatever our levels, but he was also kind, patient and extremely good fun ... I’d go on another of his courses like a shot.
— THOMASINA MIERS, Masterchef winner and owner of Wahaca restaurants, London

"Accompanied by the irrepressible Tim Clinch, this was an orgy of food, photography and fine company in a magical world far removed from the every day." – James Colledge, Uzes, France

I can categorically state that my photography has improved immeasurably since the workshop.
— Paul Rodgers, Yorkshire, UK
For anyone doubtful about signing up straightaway let me say don’t hesitate; great fun, great teacher and great experience, thoroughly recommended.
— Peter O'Brien, Nottingham, UK

"Bulgaria is a beautiful country and Tim is an excellent communicator. The workshop was fun and hard work and I went away with more knowledge and confidence. Highly recommended." – Kathleen Brown, Cumbria, UK

"I went on Tim's Bulgarian workshop in 2015. I loved the experience and learned so much. Tim is a great tutor. He may be a little embarrassed by my praise but if I was spending my money again on getting some first-rate photography tuition I would sign up with Tim without any hesitation at all."Joan Ransley, Yorkshire, UK

Participants gather during food and travel photography workshops in France and Spain

Blog posts

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Further testimonials

"I can hardly believe it's been more than two weeks since The Food photography workshop in Andalucia, Spain with photographer and very patient teacher, Tim Clinch. The workshop was one of the best creative experiences I've ever had. Tim was able to convey reams of information about using light, handling a camera, staging an image and post editing for the best results. He did it in a way that was always encouraging, clear and understandable.

Lunch at Finca Buenvino in Andalucia, Spain

Over the five days Tim brought us from simple set ups to more complex shooting with very limited light to working effectively in a "live" environment like a tapas bar or farmers market. The pace was perfect too. In true Spanish style we worked in the morning for four or five hours, ate lunch and had a siesta until about 5 in the evening. Then, refreshed, we worked another three or so hours until it was time for cocktails (or picture editing depending on your diligence).

The setting and the food also made taking pictures seem easy. Sam and Jeannie Chesterton built and own Finca Buenvino and host these photography workshops, but cookery workshops as well. The food was of the region and delicious.

Everywhere you look at Finca Buen Vino there's colour and light and texture that made taking a good picture that much easier. Without reservation, I can highly recommend Tim and his photography workshops and would happily attend again given the opportunity." Diane Tapscott (food blogger), San Francisco, USA

Capturing herbs during a food and travel photography workshop

"During the workshop, I took photographs that I just would not have even tried before. I have to give myself some credit but most of it needs to go to Tim Clinch. He understood why I was there and was able to guide me in a direction that was completely outside of what I would consider my comfort zone. Having someone in your life that has the same passion is important. We all need someone that you can brainstorm with and just expel all of those thoughts and ideas that get stuck in your head. People need people that love the same thing. Tim helped me remember that I love photography and that I love being a photographer…. Another thing I realized is it sure would be nice to wake up every morning and feed the pigs, gather eggs, and pick fresh herbs… " Bill Denman Bennet, professional photographer, Charleston SC, USA

"A huge component of the workshop was learning how to use Lightroom. I have had this on my computer for an embarrassingly long time. I’ve been scared to use it.

Too many tutorials I have read made it sound way too complicated and I am a hands-on learner so a book or an online tutorial isn’t the best way for me to learn.

But watching Tim work magic in Lightroom with literally a few clicks – he doesn’t spend very long editing pictures – as he says, “you can’t make a bad photo good in post-processing, but you CAN make a good photo better”, so it makes sense to work hard to get the best shot you can in your camera and then just make it better in post-processing – resulted in a huge WOW factor." Mardi Michaels, food blogger at 'eat live travel write', Canada

"What an amazing experience! Tim’s enthusiasm, knowledge and professionalism knows no bounds and is shared in a friendly, infectious manner. Help and advice were flowing freely throughout the workshop and I can categorically state that my photography has improved immeasurably since!

Tim still takes the time to comment on my work on social media sites, the mark of a true professional who cares about past workshop delegates and doesn't just "take the money and run. I, for one, will be booking another workshop with Tim, soon!" Paul Rodgers, Yorkshire, UK