Tim Clinch with food and travel photography workshop participants in Andalucia, Spain

My photography workshops are a ‘hands on’ experience. I work and shoot alongside you all the way. I firmly believe that showing someone how to do something is always better than telling them.

Technical skills are important, and I’m always there to help you with these, but for me, becoming a better photographer is not about equipment and, although we will spend time improving your skills with it, it’s not about post-production. It’s about your eye…and having the confidence to express yourself with it. You will be taken out of your comfort zone, shaken up and put back down as a better photographer.

Here are three things that I consider to be important elements in taking your photography to the next level:

1: You will never improve as a photographer by taking the same picture over and over again
2: You will never become a better food photographer until you become a better photographer
3: You can never make a bad picture good in post production, but you can always make a good picture better

So...benefit from my forty years experience working as a professional photographer, and learn some of the best ‘tricks of the trade’ as well as getting expert, one to one guidance and tuition.

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I also run bespoke, private trips for individuals, couples or groups, which are tailored to your custom specifications.