18th & 19th AUGUST 2018 in TUUSULA


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For the last three years I have been running very popular food photography and styling workshops in Finland with my talented friend Mari Moilanen. This year we have a very exciting one in an amazing new location close to Helsinki.

 Photographer Tim Clinch with food photography and styling workshop participants in Helsinki, Finland


Join professional photographers Tim Clinch & Mari Moilanen for this amazing journey and learn how to improve and advance your food photography, lighting and styling.

This year main focus of this workshop will be on telling a story with your food photography. We concentrate on adding people to your photographs. Our food is grown by PEOPLE. We buy it from PEOPLE. It is cooked by PEOPLE and it is eaten by PEOPLE.

Listen to how Tim explains it:

“Food photography alone is no longer enough. Things have moved on. Times have changed…

Endless food photographs, no matter how good are not going to drive traffic to your blog or get you work as a photographer.

A recipe and a nice picture every week? There are literally THOUSANDS of blogs doing this. To avoid your hard work, talent and time being wasted, you have to move on, add something, keep peoples interest.

How? Well, one of the best ways to add interest, improve your blog and take your photography to the next level is to tell a story and add people to your photographs.

Why? Well, think about our mutual passion. Food and recipes are fine…but where does our food come from? How is it prepared, and how is it shared.

 Scenes from the food photography and styling workshop in Helsinki, Finland

Don’t worry…This is NOT a portrait photography workshop. It is aimed at food photographers wanting to improve their skills, take their photography to the next level and improve their skills by adding new and exciting elements.”

On this workshop, by concentrating on post-production, styling, lighting skills and adding elements you may not be so familiar with…Mari & Tim will improve both your photography and your blog. During this intensive, two day course you’ll learn how to add impact to your photography by adding hands and people to your pictures. How to incorporate a location into your food photography and how to build a story from your pictures. You will also learn the best 'tricks of the trade' for beautiful photography & styling by watching demos, shooting together and hands on practice.

We will deal with the importance of post-processing and learn how to use Lightroom’s most useful features, and possibly most important of all we will deal with the often neglected subject of editing. Which pictures will add impact to your website or blog and which pictures will weaken to use your photography for the most impact. All in all, this workshop will help you to find your own voice in the world of food photography and styling, and give you the confidence to make it better.

This course is aimed at anyone interested in learning about food photography and styling - from amateur or professional bloggers, journalists and photographers to those just interested in improving their photographic skills.

And of course, there is no food photography without food! During the workshop you’ll enjoy delicious brunches and lunches and wines. Come and join us for an tasty, informative and enjoyable weekend, and improve your skills at the same time.

Remember Tim’s most important piece of advice:


 Participants hone their skills during a food photography and styling workshop in Helsinki, Finland

The workshop will be held in a an old, beautiful private manor house from the year 1880 in Tuusula. The house is filled with atmosphere, old furniture and it has a lovely courtyard. Perfect for all your photographic and styling needs.


 Food and travel photography by Tim Clinch in Helsinki, Finland

Check out these picture from one of last years workshops here,

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