Scenes from the food photography and styling workshop in Helsinki, Finland

For the last three years I have been running food photography and styling workshops in Finland with my talented friend Mari Moilanen

Photographer Tim Clinch with food photography and styling workshop participants in Helsinki, Finland

This two day workshop is aimed at anyone interested in learning food photography and styling - from amateur or professional bloggers, journalists and photographers.

This year the main focus of this workshop will be light and how to make it your friend.  Photography is all about light, and too few people take the time to really LEARN how to use it and make the most of it.

We all know that when the conditions are perfect it is easier to take great pictures. We all also know that the conditions are not always perfect. As professional photographers both myself and Mari know that we can never use the excuse of bad weather, or difficult lighting situations to make up for pictures that are less than perfect. 

We will not only be spending a morning shooting in one of Helsinki’s best known food markets and photographing (both plated dishes, specially prepared for us, and behind the scenes) in the award winning restaurant TOCA, but we will also intensively cover shooting in artificial lighting using different types of lighting systems in one of Helsinki's most beautiful wine cellars. On Sunday we will have a park picnic during which you will also learn how to use natural light and make it work for you.

Participants hone their skills during a food photography and styling workshop in Helsinki, Finland

During this intensive, two day course you’ll learn the essence of food photography, hear and learn the best 'tricks of the trade' for beautiful styling by watching demos, shooting together and hands on practice.

We will deal with the importance of post-processing and learn how to use Lightroom’s most useful features, and possibly most important of all we will deal with the often neglected subject of editing. Which pictures will add impact to your website and which pictures will weaken to use your photography for the most impact.

But the most important skill of all is how to ‘make light your friend’ and ensure that, just like the professionals, you never again fail to get the pictures you want because of the light conditions. With the expert help and guidance provided you will learn how to make your pictures strong, un-fussy and full of the 'punch' needed to make your work stand out from the crowd.

Food and travel photography by Tim Clinch in Helsinki, Finland

Check out these picture from one of last years workshops here,

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